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We Drive to You.

We Teach According to Your Brain.

We Teach the Music You Want to Play.

We Drive To You You pick the sheet music We teach to your child's strengths

Reading music isn't the only way to learn piano

Don’t worry, we always teach music reading no matter your child’s strength, but…

What if reading music wasn’t the only way to learn music? What if we could play to your Child’s strengths? Would they do better? Would they actually enjoy piano? Would those who are good at reading music become more intelligent because they are more well-rounded as a musician?

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“My teacher helps me find what I'm good at and to think outside of the box”

Phil MartinezLucy, age 11

The Complete Volz Piano Method for Kids.

Learn this Comprehensive Method for Playing Great Piano During our Lessons.


Reading sheet music isn't going away anytime soon. We still teach each of our students to read music but we emphasize its use in students who excel and are naturally suited to its development.


A number of our students advance rapidly as we teach them not only to compose their own music, but teach them to understand the patterns and laws that govern it. Their compositions have brought me to tears.


There are many students who elevate their playing by entire levels when they are taught by ear. We train their talent instead of discouraging it and help them utilize their strengths and leverage them to help them reach new heights.


Some students work well taking existing pieces and twisting tweaking and adjusting them to make entirely new pieces of music or similar ones. There path may be different from a conventional piano teaching but the results speak for themselves.
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  • Students using the Volz Method advance at a rapid rate and report often how much they enjoy it so much more.
  • When a student who struggles in reading is taught according to their strengths, their sight reading improves quicker than if they had just read music only.
  • Our students regularly learn and perform pieces that turn heads. Most would never believe that they can do what they do. “The talent was always there. Someone just needed to help them unlock it.”
  • Students learn composition, Jazz, ear training, arranging, reading, and many other skills that allow them to be incredible musicians as well as amazing pianists.
  • They practice regularly and are engaged in the lessons.
  • Your kids will develop a love for music and feel confident in their ability to learn and improve their skills.

We Accept the Utah Fits all Scholarship

The Utah fits all scholarship is something new that Utah has started doing where parents can use a certain amount of money on extracurriculars. Private businesses can sign up for it so that parents can spend their scholarship money on piano lessons for instance. We have signed up to use it.

What they’ve said about our children’s piano lessons

Music brings joy. Hear what our students and their parents have said about our lessons!

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