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Core Values


Volz Method Piano Lessons sees the pianist in everyone

We are obsessed with finding what will motivate a student to practice, whatever that may be, with the ultimate goal of getting the student to develop an intrinsic love for the piano.


Volz Method Piano Lessons is a growth-minded company

No one has ever “arrived”, nor is anyone a “failure”. Seeing our weakness is a good thing because it empowers us with the knowledge we need about ourselves to improve. We are committed to finding or pioneering the best pedagogy that would most effectively teach the student according to their needs, always improving how we teach; always improving the company and its employees. Volz Method Piano Lessons is not just a business, it’s an academy.


The business is only as good as its teachers

We empower the teachers to contribute to the Volz method to find what will motivate the student and most effectively teach them according to their needs. Our teachers are our most valuable asset for learning and growing, improving, and serving the students and parents. The teachers are the critical link between the student and the Volz Method.


Volz Method Piano Lessons is laser focused on its mission.

We strive to be the best piano teaching company, and all of our efforts will be toward that end, never to distract. We do not get active into politics of any sort as an organization. We do not hire or select customers based on immutable characteristics or their personal beliefs, ever.


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