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The Complete Volz Method

Kid Playing Keyboard
Method No. 1


Reading sheet music isn’t going away anytime soon. We still teach each of our students to read music but we emphasize its use in students who excel and are naturally suited to its development.

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Method No. 2


A number of our students advance rapidly as we teach them not only to compose their own music but teach them to understand the patterns and laws that govern it. Their compositions have brought me to tears.

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Musical Education
Method No. 3


There are many students who elevate their playing by entire levels when they are taught by ear. We train their talent instead of discouraging it and help them utilize their strengths and leverage them to help them reach new heights.

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Method No. 4


Some students work well taking existing pieces and twisting tweaking and adjusting them to make entirely new pieces of music or similar ones. Their path may be different from conventional piano teaching but the results speak for themselves.

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Girl Learning Play Piano

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