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Here is the list of items that we would recommend you buy!

This is the best deal we know of currently for a digital piano that has everything you need to learn piano properly on.

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Cheapest option

A really good deal!

We keep up to speed on the best digital piano deals in America. This is the best option for the value.
You need something with fully weighted keys, a bench, and a damper pedal.

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Digital piano (sustain pedal included)
X stand to hold it up
Bench so you’re at the right height (very cheap but still has a lot of padding)

Digital Piano


X stand

If you wanted an upgrade

we would highly recommend getting built in legs. It looks nicer and it doesn’t wobble as much.

Digital Piano

This is the exact same piano just with built in legs.


you still need a bench


To sign up for piano lessons, please schedule a call for enrollment and a quote.